Loving God and Serving Him by Serving Others and Loving Them

Our Purpose

Our motto at Liberty Baptist Church is:
“Loving God and serving Him by serving others and loving them.” We strive to filter everything that we do through that mission statement. We believe maximum liberty is found under God’s plan for us to love one another. We know that you will find that here at Liberty Baptist Church.

Our Story

Liberty Baptist Church has been around since 1947. Until 1998, LBC was known as Pittsburg Baptist Temple. The church was previously located on Euclid St and then Joplin Ave. We are now located about a mile west of the bypass on 20th street.

Our pastor, Corey Estep and his wife, Sierra, moved to Pittsburg in early 2019. Liberty Baptist was “restarted” when they arrived. Pastor Corey is a teacher and a preacher of the Bible. We believe that God’s Word is our first and final authority.

We are a growing church that is dedicated to loving God and serving Him while serving others and loving them.

What to expect

We are starting over here at Liberty, so we are a small church. But we know that all churches start somewhere. We are very excited about the future, but it’s already exciting right now

What should I wear?

Don’t worry about it! There is no dress code at Liberty. We want you to focus more on what is taking place than on what you are wearing. So, come, relax, and let us be a friend to you.

What Bible do you use?

Pastor Estep uses the King James Version to preach and teach from. That being said, we don’t demand that anyone use a certain version. Our goal is that you simply understand and apply God’s Word.

What religious group are you a part of?

Liberty is not affiliated with or under the authority of any denominational organization. Instead, the Bible is our sole authority for belief and practice. We are Baptist in our doctrine. We are unaffiliated in our church authority.

Do you have child care?

We are still very small but we have started to implement small forms of child care. We have a nursery area for children ages 2 and under; and a children’s class during the Sunday morning service for children ages 4-12. We take extra care in preparing and sanitizing these areas each service. Our children’s ministry workers are trained and qualified to tend to basic childcare needs and in first aid/CPR.

Weekly Schedule at Liberty Baptist

Sunday Morning Worship Service – 11am
Sunday Evening Bible Study – 5:30pm
Wednesday Night services will be on a rotating schedule in 2023. For the schedule details, click here.